Leadership Burnout

Avoiding Leadership Burnout – VLOG4


Hey there beautiful Monkeys; Ani Wilson here with another helpful hint on overcoming the threat of burnout whilst living your full potential.

So let’s recap a little on what we’ve discovered thus far in this series – you’ve been fantastic and followed my every word of course! (wink)

So already you’re feeling a lot better than when you started, right?!?

So this week, I’d like to get a bit real here.

I mentioned in video one that when I was at the top of my career, I had to have a very real, honest conversation with my boss, that felt like I was exposing myself. The thought of being vulnerable when I help such a powerful position of leadership was horrendous. I felt like I was a failure and I was fearful that my positional authority would be questioned and undermined impacting my very role in the company.

Here’s where things get crazy, and it’s my time to break down barriers.

I get that as high performers we build high walls of strength around ourselves.

We’re not the type of person to spend time around the water cooler talking about our social escapades – we shelter ourselves from anything or anyone who would impact our professional credibility and achievement of outcomes.

Although our high performance and work ethic are admirable traits, deep down we’re causing a cyclone of problems, just waiting to burst out when we least expect it.

We become so accustomed to doing everything ourselves, that the thought of delegation causes us a feeling of distaste.

And then the time comes when our brain and body simply shut down, and we’re left on our hands and knees wishing we’d had help all along.

Today, having been there, done that, I need you to understand that admitting you can’t do it all is not a vulnerability.

Over the years I’ve now mastered the art of authoritative delegation – inspiring others to want to help as much as they can – which makes the end achievement so much more satisfying and fun.

If you were to die tomorrow (and effectively that may be exactly where you’re heading by ignoring this burnout), would someone else come and fill your shoes? Of course they would. Is your company better off having a leader or manager who’s in it for the long run who knows the business inside out with deep relationships, or the short high performance leader who comes in like a whirlwind, produces an amazing outcome and burns out, leaving that same company to spend an average of 36 weeks to replace them?

Seriously – get real.

Your high walls of strength are keeping people out who want to help; who want a leader that they’re inspired to follow.

Change your leadership style to one of vulnerability and relational authority and you’ll find you’ll actually reach your ideal outcomes in the same amount of time, if not quicker and with a smile on your face.


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Until then, thanks for watching. Bye for now!

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