Leadership Burnout

Avoiding Leadership Burnout – VLOG3


Hey there beautiful Monkeys; Ani Wilson here with another helpful hint on overcoming the threat of burnout whilst living your full potential.

IN the first video in this series we investigated how Serotonin plays a massive role in how we feel and how we respond to stress. IN this video I’d like to delve a little deeper and expand on the miracle chemistry that your brain needs to find balance.

It’s all very well and good to work on your psychology, but in this day and age, we’re missing the biggest key ingredient to living a wonderful, long and happy life – the understanding of our own miracle physiology that sits within our brain!

There are only 3 species on this planet that have a prefrontal cortex. The Chimpanzee, dolphin and Human. This area of the brain allows us to future gaze, to think about the bigger existential questions of life, such as why am I here, what is my purpose.

And yet, when God has given us such amazing potential, we’re reverting to simple mindedness and letting the drug companies tell us that we need medication to slow aging, to reduce stress and to lose weight.

It’s so incredibly wrong.

Today my tip for getting through any level of stress, beating burnout, and living in your full potential, is to find a way to fix your sleep patterns.

3 of the miracle 5 neurological transmitters needed for optimal mental health are only regenerated within phase 3 of our sleep cycles. When we mess with our circadian rhythms, we impair our brains ability to know when to produce these chemicals. Effectively without our 7 hours (on avg) of restorative sleep, our chemical think tanks dries up.

For every hour you get to sleep before midnight, it seems it’s worth 2 hours after midnight. When our sleep hours do not match our circadian biorhythms, we could sleep for 10 hours and still never restore the neurochemicals required to have energy and happiness, meaning when we try to sleep in on a Sunday morning until 11am after a big night out, we wake feeling worse for wear and fragile.

Do yourself a favour – even if you’re a night owl (which by the way is a learned habitual state) go to bed earlier (even gradual changes of 10 minutes earlier a week will make a huge difference to your cycles).

When you do so you support your own brain pharmacy, and activate the reproduction of serotonin, leptin (think weight loss), HGH (anti-aging), dopamine, and oxytocin to name a few.


I’ve got a free eBook giveaway on my website, giving you 10 simple techniques on promoting restorative sleep patterns, so head on over after this video, and don’t forget to comment below, and share this with your friends if you found this useful. Let’s spread the word, and tell everyone how easy this really is.

Until then, thanks for watching. Bye for now!

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