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Avoiding Leadership Burnout – VLog1


Hey there beautiful Monkeys; Ani Wilson here with another helpful hint on overcoming the threat of burnout whilst living your full potential

If you’re anything like me, then you’re a habitual overachiever. You’ve spent a lifetime creating outcomes and working hard and so the reality of how you’re feeling right now is a difficult pill to take.

7 years ago I swallowed that pill.

After a lifetime of being indispensible, as the highest performer my company had seen, I bit the bullet and had that difficult conversation with my boss.

“I need help. I’m suffering and I’m worried that this workload and commitment is killing me. I need your support. “

That was the hardest conversation I’ve ever had to start, but the best conversation I’ve also ever had.  As high performers we’re habitually trained to take on more than the average bear. We take pride in our work ethics and ability to succeed in the face of adversity.

And so when burnout beckons, we’re the last people on the planet to admit that we need help. Until it’s too late.

One day you’ll suddenly feel fractured; anxious, fearful, and you’re body will simply shut down. I’m not talking about Adrenal Fatigue. I’m talking about full and total burnout.

From experience I can tell you that this moment of truth often comes too late and at a price. But I’m also here to tell you that right now, this is the time that you can help yourself by supporting your brains nutritional needs as a starter.

Look, I get that there are many other things that you need to be doing right now, but it’s essential that if you’re feeling at all frazzled, that you realize that your ‘calm’ hormone Serotonin may be depleted.

Had recent stomach issues, or bowel problems, cramps, diarrhea? Through excessive stress, our digestive tract suffers dramatically. 90% of our bodies serotonin is produced within the gut, so when the gut struggles to perform basic functions, our calm hormones aren’t replaced. Knock knock – that frazzled, shaky feeling.

It’s the most important (Amino Acid) to replace at this time. Increase the following foods in your diet immediately to support your neurological health!

Pineapples, walnuts, Salmon, Eggs, warmed cows milk or turkey meat (cooked)

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