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Avoiding Leadership Burnout – VLog 2


Hey there beautiful Monkeys; Ani Wilson here with another helpful hint on overcoming the threat of burnout whilst living your full potential.

Hopefully you’ve already spent a few minutes watching my first video in this series, and have already filled your pantry with loads of serotonin supporting foods.

So today, as promised in Video 1, I’ll be sharing with you the second most important rule for supporting yourself through Burnout successfully.

Yes, we can all practice mindfulness and start meditating, but some of us just can’t quite nail that principle, can we? If you’re a high performer by nature, your brain is wired differently meaning that your neural pathways to the Parasympathetic Nervous System (your calming gateway) is less trodden.

Think of it like a road. An arterial route around a city is well used, upkept by the council, and easily navigated. However, the country road to some unknown farm in the idle of nowhere may be harder to find, difficult to travel, and therefore given the choice, you’d prefer to stay away from it.

The same is true for how our neural pathways work within our brain.

The more use an area of the brain gets, the stronger the neural connection, meaning our responses are exaggerated and faster when required.

High performers spend most of their working day heavily in their left prefrontal cortex, which is in direct communication with out SNS.

Now try and tell that person to quieten their mind for 30 minutes to practice mindful meditation and that simple request stresses them out more when they fail to do so!

It’s an oxymoron.

Mindful meditation is destination, not an immediate fix, and should be treated as such.

Our immediate focus should be on activation of our PNS and it’s simpler than our complex brains let us believe.

The fastest way is to breathe out. Yep, that’s all it takes. The slower your outbreath, the faster your PNS will activate. So breathe in via your nose for a count of 4 or 6, but ensure you exhale slower and fully.

Your PNS will do the rest. It will dampen the Stress response, it will reduce cortisol production, it will tell your brain that really everything is a-ok. How frustrating that most of the working population don’t practice just this one simple technique. Spread the word, beautiful monkeys. And start being the change that this world needs.

Breathe out. Exhale. And change your path now.

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Bye for now!



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